01 Performance RICHGRO BIOGAS


Richgro Biogas

Project Scope

The CEFC provided a $2.2 million loan for Richgro garden products to fund a $6 million anaerobic digestion plant at its Jandakot operations in Western Australia.

The plant has the capacity to divert 35,000- 50,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial organic waste each year.

It processes commercial and industrial waste from agriculture, food processors and supermarkets, producing enough energy to power Richgro’s Jandakot operations. The heat produced is used to power covered nurseries for the production of blueberries. There is also potential for about 1.7MW of extra capacity to be exported to the grid.

The project also received a $1.1 million Australian Government grant and $500,000 through the Western Australian Government’s Low Energy Emissions Development Fund.

Progress Report

  • Grid connection is confirmed for September 2015, by which time the plant is expected to be fully operational.