Uterne Power Station

The CEFC financed the $13 million expansion of the existing 1MW Uterne solar plant at Alice Springs, to 4.1MW, making it Australia’s largest completed solar farm using tracking technology.

Project Scope

The expanded plant, which has effectively quadrupled in capacity, is helping Alice Springs reduce its dependence on gas and diesel-fired generation. It is expected to meet the needs of about 840 average Alice Springs households.

The solar farm will produce about three per cent of Alice Springs’ electricity a year and can meet six per cent of peak demand on a sunny day. The additional capacity means Alice Springs now has one of the highest penetration levels of solar in the country.

The tracking technology enables the panels to follow the sun and deliver up to 30 per cent more energy than fixed-tilt installations.

Owned by Australian renewable energy company Epuron, the plant was constructed by SunPower and is supplying the Alice Springs electricity network, which is operated by the Northern Territory’s Power and Water Corporation.

We are delighted to add the Uterne expansion to our growing portfolio of operational solar assets. Uterne is the largest solar farm in Australia with technology which captures more energy consistently throughout the day.” Epuron Solar Executive Director, Martin Poole

Looking to the future

 The CEFC’s finance demonstrates the potential for structured project finance to be used in other similar smaller-scale projects.

Construction of more solar projects will help drive down future construction and maintenance costs, while industry participants gain experience building and operating these projects.