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List of Figures

Figure 1: Summary of the CEFC’s 2014–15 performance against KPIs

Figure 2: Australian clean energy investment by category, 2014–15 ($m)

Figure 3: Clean energy investment in Australia, 2012–13 to 2014–15 ($m)

Figure 4: CEFC contracted investment commitments in the 2014–15 reporting period (from largest to smallest investment commitment)

Figure 5: CEFC value of portfolio investment commitments 

Figure 6: Movements in the CEFC portfolio

Figure 7: Current CEFC pipeline of investment opportunities

Figure 8: CEFC projected yield of investments by finance type 

Figure 9: CEFC investment leverage by finance type 

Figure 10: Trend in private sector leverage for CEFC portfolio over time 

Figure 11: CEFC portfolio shadow credit rating (SCR) by amount 

Figure 12: CEFC portfolio shadow credit rating (SCR) by finance type 

Figure 13: CEFC portfolio by main technology type 

Figure 14: CEFC portfolio by technology type – detailed 

Figure 15: Historical portfolio of investment commitments by main technology type

Figure 16: Finance types 

Figure 17: CEFC investments by finance type – debt and equity 

Figure 18: CEFC investments by finance type – by subcategory 

Figure 19: CEFC investment by sector 

Figure 20: CEFC investments by geography

Figure 21: CEFC investments by state

Figure 22: CEFC organisational structure 2014-15

Figure 23: Board Committee Memberships 2014–15

Figure 24: Board Member attendance at meetings 2014–15

Figure 25: Remuneration Tribunal determinations for Board Member remuneration 2014–15

Figure 26: Rates of Board Member remuneration 2014–15

Figure 27: The CEFC’s human resourcing structure as at 30 June 2015

Figure 28: CEFC staffing structure (FTE, excludes Board and CEO) 

Figure 29: Technologies the CEFC invests in 

Figure 30: Abolition legislation – current status 

Figure 31: Investment Mandates in effect 2014–15 

Figure 32: Credits to the Special Account under CEFC Act, section 46*

Figure 33: Credits and debits to the Special Account during 2014–2015 

Figure 34: How the CEFC’s Special Account and Operational Accounts work 

Figure 35: Policies informally notified to the CEFC by correspondence 

Figure 36: Illustration of the CEFC enterprise risk management framework

Figure 37: Illustration of the order of application of losses in the capital structure

Figure 38: Indemnities and insurance premiums for officers 2014–15

Figure 39: CEFC procurement contracts that were in place during the 2014–15 financial year